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KOHORO | Leather backpack A backpack you can treasure for your whole life

This leather backpack is one of KOHORO’s long-sellers.
The leather becomes shiny and surprisingly soft with use.
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Lots of pockets!

KOHORO backpack is available in black, chocolate and camel.
This backpack is large enough to hold many items.
Perfect for commuting to work or school or an overnight trip.

Features enough room for an A4 size magazine.
Your work materials, books from the library, workout outfit... You can put anything you want in this backpack.

There is a large pocket on the front panel. The pocket is deep enough to hold a diary, memo pad and cosmetic bag.

The back pocket can be opened and closed with a magnet closure so that you can take out your commuter pass or handkerchief while carrying the backpack on your shoulder.
This feature is particularly useful when riding a bicycle.

Enjoy seeing how the leather changes.

The leather is firm at the beginning but softens with use.
The size might feel a little too big, but as the leather softens, it comes to fit your body.

Compare the new one (on the right) with the used one (on the left).
The backpack on the right is angular, but the one on the left smoothly fits the back.

In the picture above, the backpack on the left is new and the one on the right is a used one.
The leather’s fine wrinkles have disappeared from the used backpack and the texture becomes smooth and shiny.

The backpack shape changes differently according to the kind of items the user puts in it.
Enjoy imagining how it will change when you use it.

Simple unisex design

Another attractive feature of this backpack is its simple design.
The unisex design goes well with any outfit.
(The adjustable shoulder straps have 6 holes.)


size: W30cm×D9.5cm×H43cm
colours: camel, chocolate, black
weight: 800g

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