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(Order Made Product) Mope dazzle shoulder bag

en_weeklyA crocheted shoulder bag woven with a dazzling geometric pattern. The pattern is similar as the camouflage pattern on UK ships.

This order made handbag is from our new designer collection. Our designer Elvira, her hand knit brand Mope, which means sea in Russia. Elvira was looking for inspiration about sea, and she came up with this unique pattern.

We handmade each bag one by one accroding to your order.
This bag is made with cotton yarn, the finished lining is strong and thick. There is a zip and the metal charm is designed by Elvira.

The geometric pattern is like a dazzling camouflage. It's stylish and easy to coordinate daily fashion.

It takes 3 weeks to deliver。
Size:Length 22.5cm Width28cm Handle 65cm

・ Dark colors may lose color due to water, friction, sweat, etc., and color may shift to other clothing.
-The product image may be slightly different from the actual product color depending on the monitor environment. Please note.

★This is a finished productPlease check here

■About our designer Elvira (the brand Zvezda)■
Elvira came to Japan from Russia at 2017.
Under the motto "Enhance the value of hand-knitting", we have released a number of works with simple and impactful patterns and style.

(Zvezda)" is a word that means "star" in Russian. Russia has the phrase "touch the star" and is used in the sense of "getting a dream." As "touching a star", people around the world can realize their dreams ... and that's how "Zvezda" was born.

Youtube Channel「KNIT ON THE GO」では、デザイナー・エルビラがあらゆる角度からニットの魅力を紹介する番組を配信中です。
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