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SELECT | [NIZYU KANO]FUKUI SIWA Nylon Backpack Nylon, light travel backpack that fits your daily outfits.

Minimal, simple design FUKUI SIWA nylon backpack by NIZYU KANO. A bag that fits for causal outing or work.

◆ Black M: Re-stocking in Late August to September / Dark Gray M: Re-stocking in early July
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■I always look for light, practical nylon travel bag that suits me.

I am very picky, I want a light, durable backpack but not too sporty, and it looks sophisicated.

And I am so happy that I finally found FUKUI SIWA backpack by NIZYU KANO.

The design is unique and it's worry free to match with my daily clothes.

And it is designed to carry laptop too!

■Stress free backpack.

It helps me a lot especially when I go out with my kids. There are so many inner partitions that make my life easier and organised.

▲It only weight 500g Left:Black L size、Right:Dark Gray M size

It's functional and practical for going to work too.

■original nylon fabric

The fabric is originally made in Fukui Prefecture.

Each bag went through a "salt process". It has a unique sense of wrinkles and a strong firmness that is light and durable.

▲It's water repellent

▲5 cm wide strap, comfortable to wear

▲The belt is soft

Color is two colors of black and dark gray. Sizes are available in M ​​and L.

▲Left side dark gray L, black L, dark gray M, black M

M size is for everyday use, L size for travel and business trip. Because it is a box-type backpack, it will show you the three-dimensional gore clearly.

▲left model height 166 cm: dark gray M right model height 150 cm: black M

▲Left model height 166 cm: Black L Right model height 150 cm: Dark gray L

■Simple design, full storage capacity and functionality

The appearance of the backpack is very simple, but the contents have a lot of useful features.

The inner pocket is five big and small, and the large pocket is supposed to contain a laptop. The 13-inch for the M size, the 15-inch laptop for the L size.

▲Two in the upper row, one in the middle, two pockets in the lower (dark gray M)

▲Mesh material pocket is convenient to see the contents (dark gray M)

▲In the middle is a laptop computer or A4 size file (Black L)

▲The lower pocket is cut diagonally (Black M) to make it easy to put in and out from the side.

The range of movement of the fastener is wide, and it is also easy to take out the luggage placed below.

There are 4 pulls for the zip opening, you can check the content of your bag from the side or the top.

▲Four zipper pulls can be opened from where you want to open (dark gray M)

▲Smooth out from the side of the rucksack (Black M)

There is also an outside pocket on the back of the backpack, which allows you to carry it in and out of your pocket.

▲Insert the IC card or mobile phone you want to take out immediately (Black M)

▲dark gray M size

The back and bottom have a solid, cushioned core, so it's safe to put a laptop.

The design will keep the bag in shape. In addition, there is a key hook to hold your key.

▲Black size L

A reliable NIZYU KANO backpack with many useful features. The more you use it, the more you are comfortable with it.

■Related info

《Handmade file》Design and made by NIZYU KANO (in Japanese only)


Material: Domestic nylon, Nume leather
Size:(M)W 28cm×H 42cm×D 13cm
(L)W 32cm×H 48cm×D 14cm

※Please wash with mild detergent.
※It is not water-repellent forever.
※ The color of the on-screen display may differ slightly from the actual color depending on your environment and others.


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