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SELECT | Atelier el Drop pearl earrings DR1938P Born from tranquility and clarity

We introduce natural pearl drop earrings from Atelier el's brand "Lys ligne" which drew the soft and feminine texture.
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A clear expression of delicate mother pearls

Other than this piercingEarringsRingalso available.

Pierced pearl earrings

A pierced earring with three pearls, that is well-crafted, elegant and delicate.

Bringing the metal alive

Atelier el is a brand founded by Hideyuki Okamoto and Ayaka Okamoto. The workshop starts in a room of an old building in Kobe.

The jewelery that goes hand-in-hand from the bullion is just metal that makes you feel warm.

It is designed to fit the skin along the curves of the body so that it looks beautiful when worn.

▲the product comes with a box

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Atelier el's Jewelry- "Composing" the metal by hand. (In Japanese only)


Material: K10 + pearl
Size: Pierce / Length about 60mm

There may have individual difference for each product as this is 100% handmade.

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