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SELECT | [ao] Soft gauze baby hat [ao] Soft gauze baby hat

en_weeklyA collaboration product created by "ao" with a garment factory in Niigata Perfecture. The item has a wash-out feeling, like clothing of gauze, it's extremely soft and gentle for babies and kids' skin. Perfect idea for baby shower gift, too. Photo from [ao]
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As gentle as baby skin

[ao] selects their material very carefully as this product will be worn by new born baby.

Made with 100% cotton. It's smooth, light and soft. It's good for ventilation but at the same time, the double layers protect baby's head from cold air.

New born baby's hair is very fine and they do not have a a lot of hair. Skin of their heads are very sensitive too. There is no obvious seams and fine cotton is good for babies.

(photo courtesy:ao)

▲3 options available

▲White- Pola bear, Coral- Rabbit, Black- Kitty. The ear shape is different due to different colours.

▲White- Pola bear

▲Coral- Rabbit

▲Black- Kitty.

■How can this be so soft?

[ao] products are all soft and comfortable. They use the best cotton and designed base on the orginal texture of fabric, there is no extra process on woven fabric.

As there is no extra process, it may shrink or makes it more difficult to sew. But [ao] designers and craftmen take all these factors into considerations before production.

▲A garment factory locates in Itoigawa. We purchase the raw materials that are only made in Japan. From design to production, everything are made in Japan. (photo from [ao])

■A gift of gentle touch

[ao] gauze product are so soft and gentle, just like baby skin.
This product is great as a bathing towel for newborn baby, a perfect gift for baby shower.

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Material: 100% cotton (Made in Japan)
Color: white, coral, black
Size: 50 cm, width 21 cm, height 13 cm

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