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    Handkerchief (Fox and grapes)

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    Beige colour with autumn motif

Handkerchief Fox and grapes

A square linen handkerchief with an interesting pattern that is inspired by the famous fable story "fox and grapes".
A fox is jumping up and down to hunt the juicy grapes hanging on top of branches.
The complex pattern is made by Jacquard weave, one of the oldest weaving technique for complex patterns since 1804 in France.
Beige colour and subtle pattern leaves an vintage, elegant motif.
The size is good to wrap your bento box, or around your head.

Special care: machine wash with a net.

· Colours of the display on the screen, may differ slightly from the actual colour
depends on your pc environment.
· Height of the model is about 159cm.

material 100% Linen

length width
53 53

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